The mission of DataReady is to educate a local career-ready tech workforce through accessible and affordable all-ages hands-on data science training and exposure. We aim to expand data and data literacy skills and career expertise among undeserved communities. We work with individuals of all ages, including K-12 students and adults, through hands-on project-based training of varying lengths and skill levels and events.

DataReady is the only female minority owned and operated data science career and skills education organization in the world that is specifically focused on under served communities that utilizes an all age and skill level approach to data education.


Why Data?

The data science skill set is in high demand. However, the data science career path often has a high barrier to entry due to cost and preliminary knowledge often required to enter. We cover a variety of topics within the data science umbrella such as data analytics, data visualization, data management and CRM administration to encourage innovation in our community and local economic stimulation. Data is also applicable to an endless variety of career vocations so students at all levels will gain skills that can be universally applied. 


What We Provide

We aim to teach area residents’ of all ages about data, including data science and data literacy, and provide career readiness skills to adults, with a focus on low-income individuals, underrepresented minorities, and women in hopes we will diversify the primarily homogeneous professional data community. Additionally, we provide our diverse students with viable and flexible employment opportunities through our on demand data services that support business data efforts and drive innovation.


Our Value

By providing K-12 students and other DFW residents job ready and highly in demand skills we hope to help combat the growing student loan debt epidemic among United States residents and aid in breaking the cycle of poverty in the underrepresented minority, female, and low-income communities within areas of the DFW. Additionally, we hope to support businesses who want to become more data-driven in their decision making and operations. Through all these channels we aim to stimulate the local economy through innovation and technology. 


Universal Application

Additionally, the Data Science skill set is applicable to a seemingly endless variety of employment avenues. This allows the students we work with to gain a valuable skill set that will set them apart within the current and future automation driven workforce. Additionally, are students are not limited to a single career channel but have a seaming-less endless 

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