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Hands-On Offerings


 DataReady DFW offer's both hands-on STEAM based data science and data literacy exposure courses to K-12 students. Starting students as early as possible is the key to creating a data-driven future workforce. The focus areas of our organization are low income, female, and minority students. However, we offer a variety of opportunities for other K-12 communities as well to support our work with under-served communities.

Preparing Students


 For older students, our organization provides more advanced data science career skills and training to equip students with job ready skills in preparation for graduation. Tech skills are in increasing demand, yet the focus at many K-12 institutions and organizations is on areas such as computer science and coding alone, even as demand in data science careers continues to increase year over year.  

Industry Demands


DataReady DFW strives  to provide a way to meet current and future workforce demands by equipping students with the skills to be successful in a data-driven career market. The career industry is becoming more data-driven, if students want to be successful in a competitive marketplace, data skills need to be learned regardless of their career aspirations.



DataReady DFW partners with area organizations to bring data education to students where they are, whether at school or externally. If you would like DataReady DFW to provide single session or extended services at your child's school or organization contact us below for more information and to stay updated on current partnership offerings and opportunities.

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