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Data Science Career Skills

The DataReady DFW adult data science program provides adults at any skill level with the knowledge and training necessary to become more data-driven.  The programs our organization provides are intended to provide adults with skills necessary to remain competitive in today's data-driven workforce. 

With an average salary of $70K-140K annually based primarily on skills and ability alone, and a spot as the number one job in U.S. for the last several years, data science careers are a prime market in which the demand is currently out pacing the workforce. Additionally, data science careers have no universal education requirements.

Accessible Training Options

Data science, like many STEM fields, is a discipline lacking in diversity, which is a direct result of the high barriers to entry such as costs generally associated with education and lack of availability of training in certain markets. While there are alternatives to higher education data science training, a typical Bootcamp program costs an average of $10K to 30K per career path and is only covered by private loans, which are inaccessible to many. DataReady DFW charges participants nothing to participants.

The training DataReady DFW offers is provided through area organizations in either a single session or extended session format and can be offered as career or skill specific for a variety of data knowledge areas. If you would like to offer our services at your organization or learn more about our current training offerings contact us below for more information.

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